Idyntity is an innovative, flexible, and cost-effective solution that automate your enterprise application access and authorization needs. Idyntity removes manual security provisioning processes and turn them into employee self-service, easy to use automated processes. It helps remove complexity and allows you to accelerate day-to-day security authorization administration while maintain a compliant user provisioning with full reporting capabilities for audit. Idyntity solution is ideal for companies of all sizes ranging from small, medium to large enterprises, and can be configured with various applications such as SAP ABAP®, SAP HANA®, Microsoft Active Directory® and many more. It allows for self-service user provisioning with built-in segregation of duties checks, while providing you full visibility of business roles, users, roles assignments across your environment.

User Provisioning

→ Fully automated user provisioning, change of authorization and de-provisioning.
→ Support for multiple security designs: Enabler, Derived, Composite, and Direct roles.
→ Support for SAP®, Microsoft ActiveDirectory®, SAP HANA®, ODBC and more.

Segregation of Duties

→ Built in segregation of duties engine that works for all supported systems.
→ Integration with enterprise SAP GRC ® systems.
→ Reduce audit cost by automating user access review, reports and approval documentation and by employing compliant provisioning process.

Intuitive and Responsive

→ Built with ease of use in mind.
→ Quick deployment in cloud or on premise.
→ Interactive dashboards for users and administrators.
→ Empower non-technical end-users to easily provision users with the correct access across multiple systems.


→ Easily align system access and authorization with your organization’s business processes and business lines
→ Full user self-service, approval engine and automated user provisioning
→ Allows for inventory of business users, business roles, and applications
→ Provides a complete view of authorizations across your IT environment for managed system.
→ Built-in Segregation of Duties engine that marks certain roles for end-user to pick as high-risk
→ Full audit and trace-ability
→ Compliant user provisioning that is easy to use for your end-users and security teams
→ Native integration with SAP GRC®, SAP HANA®, Microsoft Active Directory®, SAP ABAP® and other systems
→ Built in unlimited level access approval workflows.
→ Bulk import and export capability for easy deployments and mass updates.
→ Dashboards for administrators, management and for auditors
→ Works with all types of security designs such as Derived, Enabler, Composites and Direct

Before Idyntity (2 to 10+ days)

After Idyntity (15 to 30 minutes)


→ Free up IT and Security teams by reducing the administrative workload and allows your IT teams to focus on more complex issues
→ With the use of compliant and automated provisioning processes, you can reduce audit cost by automating user access review and approval documentation and by employing compliant provisioning process
→ By utilizing easy to use and intuitive self-service request system, you can empower non-technical end-users and help desk staff to easily provision users with the correct access across multiple systems

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